This is not true of all people and perhaps it is true of only a smaller portion of the people.

The warfare is typical of any war.  An Us-Them mentality.  Making the other people evil, instead of recognizing that there is just a different viewpoint with real humans on the other side, limited as we all are in some ways.  Seeking to persuade and enlighten tends to work.  Force doesn't.

But those people with little power will tend to try to use force to get their way.  In doing things that way, they do damage.

Are the rich the enemies of the poor?  It certainly seems there are alot of poor people complaining about the rich and insisting that the rich give them more. 

Are the poor the enemies of the rich?  Probably not.

It is natural for people to be dependent if they have not learned differently, but the argument that someone else is evil for not giving them what they want is not a soundly based argument. 

Animosity toward the rich is a childish thing to do.  How can reasonably intelligent Democrats be hostile toward the rich and toward business.

We are all people.  Some do better than others.  But we are all interdependent.  Without creating jobs by starting businesses, there would be less income for people and less wealth in the country.  


Though speaking to fellow African Americans, Bill Cosby's urgings are still relevant to all who are not in the financial and power level they would like to be like.

"African Americans are not holding up their end of the deal.  They need to take more responsiblity for their families and communities."

He has lambasted "lower-economic people," parents who spend more on athletic shoes than education, and children who use poor English and curse constantly. He has said blacks need to stop blaming whites and take control of their children and their communities.

And he is attacked by the "other side", out of what he says is their trying to move away from their problem and not take responsibility.  Yes the cards dealt are not so great, but it is still up to us to play the cards but to give up and blame someone else so they don't have to take responsibilty for themselves. 


Unfortunately, the facts are that most US citizens have contributed to holding down some of the poor, particular African Americans, and there has been much (totally unjustified) prejudice. 

Therefore, I think it is also the responsibility of all US citizens to contribute to level the playing field by helping to elevate the education and to help stop the self perpetuating trap many African Americans are caught in.  The US citizen might best consider poor sub-populations as much or more of a cause than children in other countries and helping other countries. 

I believe a large charitable organization of successful African Americans and caucasions and other races should be formed to raise money to focus on the re-education of those stuck in the neighborhood and the fear and pressure of peers in a poor community - they must get out of the vicious reinforcing circle that condemns many.  They must provide opportunities for those who are ready to be responsible and to rise above the cultural drift in their communities. 


Our President has not been helpful.  He generalize about people on Wall Street as being "fat cats".  He has tended to look anti-business.  He told Joe The Plumber, yes, he was going to redistribute the wealth, instead of he will create greater prosperity and opportunity.   I would hope that he sees that we are "all in this together" and that "together we can do anything" but by fighting we can do little.

Labeling the other party or the rich is not "adult" behavior.  And the misbehavior of the other party is not a good excuse, just a denial of one's own personal responsibility.
(Both parties misbehave and could use more adults.)

Although the Republicans, as far as I know, aren't putting down the other classes, but in trying to push for responsibility they fail to express the compassion they actually have.  They contribute to the fire by looking like they don't care.  Huckabee is a good example of someone who can express compassion, though I hardly think he would be a capable President. 


There is a reason why the poor stay poor.  In fact, several reasons.  But the biggest one is the culture of no responsibility.


The only way that works is to team together, to do a win-win approach, and to take responsibility for ourselves with no blame.


Issue is what works and is equitable

Of course, people will want to have somebody else pay for it, but what is equitable.
People need to contribute and be responsible for himself.

Weiner adamant about how the inheritors did nothingto earn it and therefore should be taxed  heh?

The solution is not pay people entitlements but to get to a higher level of productivity.

Have to have principles beyond the rich are ok so let’s have them pay for my benefits…
The folks at the top as enemies.  Take out deserve as a criteria.  Look at the result and not get stuck on the means.

Putting “conditions” on money provided: