We can't do it all.  We can't affford everything we could possibly want.

Therefore, we need to figure out what has the biggest benefit for each buck.

The criteria for rating would be based on the effectiveness and on whether it is a necessity - such as not letting our citizens die or be in painful poverty.

The top items, so far are:


Unemployment benefits  - Limited as much as possible to those who are seeking jobs, with special requirements for proof, doing charitable work and/or education.  Beyond a certain point, the monies are to be considered a loan.

Social safety net for the poor, the disabled, and/or those unable to work - To eliminate financial suffering.  Again being sure that malingering and false claims are controlled and eliminated.

    Accordingly, to have no stakeholder without sufficient food and shelter.
    Assure that no stakeholder suffers because of inadequate health care.

These are the priorities that come before anything.

To keep our stakeholders safe from harm.

Functions That Are Most Effective Toward Benefiting The Stakeholders

All spending and efforts must first go to what has the greatest effect/benefit.

Those functions that will lower spending, cause us to be more effective, and or have the greatest benefit are:

Reducing government waste, with businessmen who understand such things evaluating what needs to be done and what is most effective - should have a return of at least $10 for each $1 spent.

Improving Americans' health - Jawboning and educating with a big campaign that is persistent to increase Americans' abominable health habits,  as that is the driver of our very high medical costs.  Using more preventive care by the medical community, such as in Cuba and other countries.  Cost for health insurance would be raised for those who do not take adequate care of themselves.  (This one difficult to implement strategy can have huge, huge savings and benefits.)

Building improved infrastructure 

Cutting all special interest spending.  The arts, public radio and television, etc., until we have balanced our budget and covered true high priorities, such as having no Americans without basic subsistence living, including preventive medical care.

Improving education and educational levels of individuals - Centralizing education on central items, leveraged based on the internet

Stop policing the world - Require more from other countries or don't do certain things.
Evaluate the payoffs, probably cutting defense spending by 1/3 to 1/2 to be realistic.

Reduce government workers' compensation disparity - Discipline versus being a give away program is required to get this back in line.

Change the legal system to discourage unfair suits.  The loser will be responsible for all the costs of the winner, including legal fees and costs. 

Privatizing the post office and sharing in the savings.