All sorts of things are attributed to what is called the Tea Party.  But it is just a group of concerned citizens banding together in the American way over a concern that they have.

It has no evil intent, nor actually even a political position, except about reasonable government and government spending.   Though in any such group of its size there can be people of extreme positions on a number of issues and even some involved in "make-wrong" of the opposite side, it would be unfair and illogical to brand the whole group with what part of the group does. 

As a group, they have no position on such issues as abortion or gay rights or anything other than concern about current politics and its affect on the people.

Hopefully the reader of this site is open and interested in finding out the facts first and having insights before making a logical, fair judgment about these people. 


Since they are highly concerned about fiscal prudence, they have had to be considered part of the party that emphasizes the same, though they do not necessarily agree with all the Republican platform, just as is true in a number of groups that affiliate with the political party.  

They are largely pretty inexperienced and initially were fairly inept politically.  They did however have great impact because of their number and the strength of their concern about the current political fiscal problems.  And like any citizen group they can react with fear over some issues and concerns, such as the massive health care act and its possible threats and costs. 

They have helped push for fiscal sanity, but in doing so they seemed and/or have pushed too far, so that some people make it up that they are wild-eyed radicals.  Most are just concerned citizens (and they do have some extreme people who have supported the same position - but they do not necessarily agree with those extreme people).  This is a classic case of people judging them based on prejudice and generalization and even fear.  And it is sad that such occurs in this country. 

I would consider the so-called Tea Party to be a "movement" (grass roots type) that has sprung up in reaction to a very real concern and who are willing to use the political process to correct what they see as inequities.


If one looks at their 2014 platform, it talkss only of

Excessive debt and deficit spending
Free markets
Civic responsibility
The size of government
Believing in the people
Correct the pitfalls of politics, including lobbyists and special interests

I can detect no evil or extremism in those positions.  The difference is that they are standing strongly for those. 

See The Platform Of The Tea Party Movement to see for yourself, before judging or assuming anything else about them.

Settling About Something You Disagree About, In A Way That Works - If we're not part of going toward the solutions, then who we are being is part of the problem!

It seems that there are strong, very prejudiced, unknowledgeable opinions about the Tea Party, based on emotions, opposition, and non-reasoning, non-factual conclusions - classic non-thinking!

Those people do what is typical in politicial warfare, making them enemies and radicals, even of evil motive - and they attribute positions that they do not have, at all!

They appear to me to be a movement, more like the Wall Street sit in groups, abortion rights, or the gay rights groups.  All of these groups are to be respected and dealt with on a cooperative basis even if one disagrees.  The "other side" should be educated and talked to, not attacked.

I find them interesting and respect them for trying to do something about a real problem that is being swept under the rug by many politicians, many of whom deny that there is a fiscal problem or say that it is not critical to deal with it now.